Delicious plant-based

Delicious plant-based

Bristol Barcelona LONDON BRIGHTON
Bristol Barcelona LONDON BRIGHTON

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From the relaxed and cosy atmosphere of Pastan Bristol to the vibrant and lively setting of Pastan Barcelona, our diverse restaurants provide a delightful array of plant-based pasta experiences.

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We’re thrilled to open our doors to the people of Barcelona. Our goal is to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere where our customers can enjoy delicious plant-based pasta dishes and delicacies.

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Pastan opens in Barcelona

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of Pastan Barcelona in the lively district of Gràcia!

Veganism: the cultural reset that’s changing the way we plate up

Something’s happening in the world of food preparation and it goes by the name of veganism. The ultimate in cultural shifts, it’s been around for millenia but suddenly, it’s gotten a revamp.

Classic cuisine to cult favourite: how pasta has evolved to make veganism more accessible

The pride of Italy, beautiful pasta and mouth watering sauces haven’t always been all that vegan-friendly. But something is happening and now, authentic alternatives are being dreamt up that will have even the most discerning nonne giving their approval.

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New addition to the menu
100% vegan pizzas!

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