Pastan x Carbon-Free Dining Partnership

Introducing Carbon-Free Dining

Carbon Free Dining, in association with Sustainably Run Restaurants, is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to counter the environmental impact of dining experiences at restaurants. 

By joining forces with restaurants like Pastan, Carbon Free Dining empowers customers to make a tangible difference through a simple and optional £1.23 contribution added to their bill. This contribution goes towards planting fruit trees in regions where they can have a positive social and environmental impact. The partnership between Pastan and Carbon Free Dining enables diners to contribute to an impactful reforestation effort in developing countries. 

Every £1.23 contribution made helps to:

  • Offset the carbon footprint of your meal
  • Reduce deforestation and tackle greenhouse gas emissions
  • Feed the communities in the locations where these trees are planted

View our company forest here

For more information, please visit:

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